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The Czech alphabet

A a : u   sound in   fun
Á á : a   sound in   father
B b : b   sound in   bat
C c : ts   sound in   bits
Č č : ch   sound in   chat
D d : d   sound in   dog
Ď ď : dy   sound like  'du'  in   duel
E e : e   sound in   red
É é : ai   sound in   pair
Ě ě : ye   sound in   yes
F f : f   sound in   far
G g : g   sound in   gap
H h : h   sound in   hot
CH ch : ch   sound in   loch   (aspirated)
I i : i   sound in   fit
Í í : ee   sound in   bee
J j : y   sound in   yes
K k : k   sound in   kit
L l : l   sound in   lip
M m : m   sound in   mat
N n : n   sound in   nut
Ň ň : ny   sound like  'n'  in   onion
O o : o   sound in   hot
Ó ó : oo   sound in   door
P p : p   sound in   pin
R r : r   sound in   rat   (often rolled)
Ř ř :   sound like  'rg'  in   bourgois
S s : s   sound in   sun
Š š : sh   sound in   ship
T t : t   sound in   top
Ť ť : ty   sound like  'tu'  in   tune
U u : u   sound in   push
Ú ú : oo   sound in   fool
Ů ů : oo   sound in   fool
V v : v   sound in   vat
Y y : i   sound in   bit
Ý ý : ee   sound in   bee
Z z : z   sound in   zip
Ž ž : zh   sound like  's'  in   treasure
  Qq, Ww, Xx   in foreign words only

NOTE:  the digraph "ch" is treated as a single character.

Phonetic variations

au :   sounds like  'ou'  in   hour
ia :   sounds like  'ya'  in   yam
ie :   sounds like  'ye'  in   yes
iu :   sounds like  'u'  in   lute
ou :   sounds like  'oe'  in   toe
kd : gd   sound like  'gged'  in   tagged
:   sounds like  'm-n-ye'

The Czech alphabet as defined on this web page

<META> character set: UTF-8
<FONT> primary font face: unspecified (CSS defaults to arial)
  special characters: enter as ampersand, hash, 3-digit number, semi-colon:
Capital A, acute = &#193;
Small a, acute = &#225;
Capital C, caron = &#268;
Small c, caron = &#269;
Capital D, caron = &#270;
Small d, caron = &#271;
Capital E, acute = &#201;
Small e, acute = &#233;
Capital E, caron = &#282;
Small e, caron = &#283;
Capital I, acute = &#205;
Small i, acute = &#237;
Capital N, caron = &#327;
Small n, caron = &#328;
Capital O, acute = &#211;
Small o, acute = &#243;
Capital R, caron = &#344;
Small r, caron = &#345;
Capital S, caron = &#352;
Small s, caron = &#353;
Capital T, caron = &#356;
Small t, caron = &#357;
Capital U, acute = &#218;
Small u, acute = &#250;
Capital U, ring = &#366;
Small u, ring = &#367;
Capital Y, acute = &#221;
Small y, acute = &#253;
Capital Z, caron = &#381;
Small z, caron = &#382;