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'Clem the Gem'     ..... Attlee with a moustache on his chin

Clement Attlee with a moustache on his chin

"Biggest fucking sex symbol this country ever fucking produced."


Clement Richard Attlee is born on 3rd January 1883 in Putney, London, the son of a prosperous lawyer. After studying at Oxford University he briefly practices law but soon becomes primarily interested in social reform. In 1908, he joins the Independent Labour Party.

In 1919, after his service in the Great War, he becomes Mayor of the borough of Stepney and, in 1922, the Member of Parliament for Limehouse. In the first Labour government (1924) he serves as Undersecretary of State for War, and, in the second Labour ministry (1929-31), he is successively Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Postmaster General. When the Labour prime minister Ramsay MacDonald forms a national coalition government in 1931, Attlee repudiates him, and in the same year he becomes Deputy Leader of the Labour Party under George Lansbury. In 1935 he succeeds Lansbury as Leader.

Whilst approving of the British declaration of war in September 1939, Attlee refuses to take office in Neville Chamberlain's government. In May 1940, he supports the prime ministry of Winston Churchill and, during the war, serves in the war cabinet as Lord Privy Seal (1940-42), Deputy Prime Minister (1942-45), Secretary of State for the Dominions (1942-43), and Lord President of the Council (1943-45).

In May 1945, he leads the Labour Party out of the coalition, and, after the decisive defeat of Churchill's Conservatives in the election of July 1945, he is appointed Prime Minister.

Once in office, Attlee presides over the nationalisation of major British industries, including coal, steel, railways, civil aviation, telegraph services, and the Bank of England. His government creates the National Health Service and establishes the welfare state. Also, during Attlee's tenure, independence is granted to India, Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and relinquishes control of Egypt and of Palestine.

In October 1951, the Conservatives narrowly win a general election. Attlee yields leadership of the Labour Party in December 1955 and is created 1st Earl Attlee Of Walthamstow, Viscount Prestwood.

He dies on 8th October 1967 in Westminster, London.