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Justin de Villeneuve     " ..... watch out!"

Twiggy and Justin de Villeneuve

"I shoved him one up the arsehole, saying he's my friend."


An ambitious ex-hairdresser, Justin de Villeneuve - born Nigel Davies - comes to public prominence as the early guide, mentor and boyfriend of 1960s supermodel, Twiggy (born Lesley Hornby).

Twiggy attracts the attentions of de Villeneuve, ten years her senior, while working as a Saturday girl in the local hairdressing salon. He sets about promoting her look with great success. She is declared 'the face of 1966' by the Daily Express. She is photographed by Vogue, flown to New York, and becomes a recognisable fashion icon throughout the world.

De Villeneuve takes fifty percent of her earnings as a model, and from the dress line set up in her name and the franchises for dolls and accessories. During the early relationship, Twiggy is naïve in business whilst de Villeneuve becomes increasingly extravagant - he takes delivery of a new Italian car every six weeks; Tommy Nutter suits are ordered ten at a time.

As Twiggy starts to become more aware of her earnings, de Villeneuve has difficulty demonstrating his relevance to their existing business relationship. He antagonises professional photographers by taking up photography and then demanding grandiose fees; he generates a similar response in the film world and is deemed incapable of standing back and accepting his role should simply be that of an effective agent.

In 1973, Twiggy severs her ties with de Villeneuve.