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Axel Waldemar Gallén was born in Pori on 26 April 1865. In 1876, he moved to Helsinki, studying at the drawing school of the Finnish Art Society from 1881. He studied in Paris for a further five years from 1884. In 1890 he married Mary Helena Slöör. In 1907, he changed his name to Gallen-Kallela. He travelled within Europe and settled in British East Africa from 1909. In 1911, he began work on his studio-residence in Espoo. From 1923-1926 he visited the United States. He died in Stockholm in 1931.

Detail from 'Démasquée'
  1. Boy and crow
  2. Démasquée
  3. Aino myth
  4. The artist's daughter Marjatta
  5. Imatra falls
  6. The forging of the Sampo
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