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Spurs Armchair Diary

Year 2001/2002   (Phespirit supports Tottenham Hotspur F.C. from the comfort of his armchair)

Spurs Armchair Diary, season 2001/2002. Sol Campbell does the most unthinkable treacherous thing and signs for Arsenal. He is rightly reviled, but at Spurs life must go on .....
2001/2002 Final position:   F.A. Premiership - 9th

Sunday 12 May 2002   [10:00 BST]

Leicester City 2 - 1 Spurs : And so yet another disappointing season ends with another defeat, this time against the rock bottom side. As with the whole season, so this game: Spurs were up before throwing it away. And at the end of a season in which Spurs' league position had been as high as fifth ("Would you take that now, Glenn?" "No, I wouldn't") and as low as to be fearful of relegation, Spurs final position is ninth. A draw at Leicester would have meant eighth, a win would have meant seventh. But Spurs lost and now is the end.

Saturday 27 April 2002   [18:25 BST]

Spurs 1 - 0 Liverpool : Spurs finally break their end-of-season lean spell, but who are the real winners? Poxy Arsenal. Still, a win is a win and this was a good one. Seventh in the league and can finish no lower than ninth, which is a much better showing than last year. Really could use some fresh talent, though.

Saturday 20 April 2002   [17:35 BST]

Bolton Wanderers 1 - 1 Spurs : As per all recent seasons, Spurs last few games are as inconsequential as they are joyless. By some miracle eighth spot in the Premiership is maintained despite this draw and last week's one-all at home to West Ham and the previous week's defeat at Arsenal.

Sunday 7 April 2002   [16:40 BST]

Arsenal 2 - 1 Spurs : Okay, so surprise surprise, Spurs lost. But for five blissful minutes everyone associated with Arsenal was in complete and utter despair that their championship hopes had been shattered for another season thanks to a disputed penalty given against them on their own ground. And worse still, scored by Spurs. Ahhh ..... beautiful moments.

Monday 1st April 2002   [17:10 BST]

Spurs 2 - 1 Leeds United : A most appreciated result. Leeds United have, without doubt, the most despicable fans, the most despicable players, the most despicable manager and the most despicable chairman in the league. The fans are, and always have been, hooligans; the players are indisciplined both on and off the pitch; the manager defends the most reprehensible behaviour and expects the rest of the world to do likewise; the chairman puts money and aggrandisement ahead of any sense of decency and can't keep his fat face out of the papers for five minutes. Today they came to White Hart Lane and lost. Bloody good job.

Saturday 30 March 2002   [19:40 GMT]

Middlesbrough 1 - 1 Spurs : That's not bad, that'll do. Charlton and Villa both lost, Middlesbrough are kept behind and West Ham can't win two on the trot, so Spurs could yet finish seventh in the Premiership. Not bad considering relegation was an option not so long ago. Just got to keep going now.

(The Queen Mother has just died - good news for Garry Flitcroft)

Sunday 24 March 2002   [18:00 GMT]

Fulham 0 - 2 Spurs : This was one badly needed result. The performance, by all accounts, was poor, but the points are priceless. It crashes Spurs through the psychologically important 40-point barrier which should mean safety from relegation, even if this win proves to be nothing more than a rare exception in the current run of abyssmal results. Best wishes to Fulham now.

Wednesday 20 March 2002   [19:25 GMT]

Spurs 0 - 1 Charlton Athletic : These are not happy days to be a Spurs fan. The old players are too far over the hill, the young players are too inexperienced, everyone is injured and everyone is off form and everything is going wrong. Three more points may be all that is needed to avoid relegation but where are they going to come from? How could a season go this bad?

Sunday 10 February 2002   [17:55 GMT]

F.A. Cup Quarter-final: Spurs 0 - 4 Chelsea : Well, what a smashing fortnight of football. On the bright side? At least nobody got killed.

Sunday 3 March 2002   [11:20 GMT]

Spurs 2 - 1 Sunderland : Okay, so Les scores the winner against Sunderland but that's scant consolation for a missed hat-trick in the cup final.

Sunday 3 March 2002   [09:00 GMT]

League Cup Final: Blackburn Rovers 2 - 1 Spurs : As Ron Atkinson said in the commentary: "A great game, everyone's a winner". Yes, Ron, that'll be everyone except Spurs, who created by far the most and better chances but still contrived to lose. Ferdinand should have had a hat-trick based on clear-cut opportunities but couldn't put any of them away. Perhaps it's time to put Ferdinand away. Overall Blackburn put more into the game and in the end they got their reward. They've got some good honest players at the club; there are worse sides to lose a final against. With hindsight, Spurs used up all their glory in the semi-final against Chelsea. No cups for winning semi-finals though. Very disappointing. And should Spurs have had a penalty at the end? At first sight, yes. At second sight, no. At third sight, yes. At fourth sight, no. So who cares? The game was lost in the eighty-nine minutes before. (sigh)

Saturday 9 February 2002   [19:55 GMT]

Spurs 2 - 1 Leicester City : It all looked so comfortable. And then it looked like it might go horribly wrong. And then the final whistle could not come too soon. A much needed three precious points.

Thursday 7 February 2002   [18:30 GMT]

Cups are nice. Leagues are nasty.

Wednesday 23 January 2002   [22:30 GMT]

League Cup Semi-final Second Leg: Spurs 5 - 1 Chelsea (AG: 6-3) : This was a monumental win. Oh, where are the Chelsea fans of yore? Tormentors all, did they hold their heads in misery tonight? Look long now. Spurs smash Chelsea at White Hart Lane! Absolutely smashed them. A jinx broken and a cup final reached all in one legendary game. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Saturday 19 January 2002   [18:45 GMT]

Spurs 1 - 1 Everton : This is not best. In recent years the matches at home to Everton and Newcastle have been the only three-pointers that Spurs could rely on. Next home league match is Newcastle ..... just as well the three points are already in the bag from St. James's.

Thursday 17 January 2002   [18:25 GMT]

F.A. Cup Third Round: Coventry 0 - 2 Spurs : One banana skin successfully negotiated. Bolton must be really looking forward to the next round.

(There's nothing to be said about Ipswich last Saturday).

Thursday 10 January 2002   [18:25 GMT]

League Cup Semi-final First Leg: Chelsea 2 - 1 Spurs : A grudging "fair enough". It was never a free kick (too much trouble for Keller to dive in the direction of the ball?) but they should have had a penalty; swings and roundabouts. The tie is no more dead in the water than it was before - Spurs never even draw against, let alone beat, Chelsea so this was over before it begun.

Saturday 29 December 2001   [17:00 GMT]

Aston Villa 1 - 1 Spurs : (groan) - what a disaster. Just when it looked like something good might at last come out of Christmas, poxy Anderton goes and handles in the box. Three minutes into stoppage time. Penalty. Angel. What was Anderton doing anywhere near the defence? One wretched point out of nine. And it was all looking so good for a while.

Wednesday 26 December 2001   [15:35 GMT]

Southampton 1 - 0 Spurs : Merry Bloody Christmas.

Saturday 22 December 2001   [17:50 GMT]

Spurs 1 - 2 Ipswich Town : Hmph. A classic Tottenham throwback to the bad old days of doing just about enough to deserve something from the game but losing it anyway. Alms to peasants from East Anglia: how's that for Christmas spirit? And Sheringham books himself some Christmas leave by getting red-carded. Not the best day at the office this year.

Saturday 15 December 2001   [17:00 GMT]

Spurs 4 - 0 Fulham : Can we play you every week?

Tuesday 11 December 2001   [22:15 GMT]

League Cup: Spurs 6 - 0 Bolton Wanderers : This is just too good. SIX-NIL! Four-nil at half time, of all things, in the quarter-finals of the League Cup! Against Premiership opposition! And at the same time a comedy Arsenal team gets rolled over four-nil at Blackburn. It's all just too, too, too good. Encore!

Saturday 8 December 2001   [18:05 GMT]

Charlton 3 - 1 Spurs : Well, the run had to come to an end sometime. A win would have propelled Spurs up to second in the league ..... which would have just been too bizarre.

Tuesday 4 December 2001   [18:55 GMT]

Spurs 3 - 2 Bolton Wanderers : And again, more evidence that Spurs are a much better side this year than in recent years. After going a goal down early on and still being that goal down at half-time, this looked exactly the sort of match that Spurs ritually lose whenever the fans get foolishly optimistic. But not this time, oh no. Spurs are strong this year. Spurs are going places. Fifth in the table is heady stuff by recent standards.

Saturday 24 November 2001   [18:00 GMT]

West Ham United 0 - 1 Spurs : Oh yes. This was a result expected and duly delivered, with only the woodwork keeping this from being a rout. The happy Hammers are football's gift to Spurs; a kind of anti-Chelsea. And now Spurs find themselves sixth in the table, level on points with Man United and one place above Arsenal. This could become a very good season indeed. Oh yes.

Saturday 17 November 2001   [17:20 GMT]

Spurs 1 - 1 Arsenal : Not the ideal result (i.e. Spurs win 3-0, Sol Campbell with a hat-trick of own goals before being stretched off) but, given the timing of Spurs' equaliser, no complaints.

Saturday 27 October 2001   [18:20 BST]

Spurs 2 - 1 Middlesbrough : And that makes it four wins on the trot - three in the league and one in the league cup. When was the last time that happened? Probably not too long ago, actually, but it seems like decades.
March on, you Spurs.

Sunday 21st October 2001   [16:20 BST]

Newcastle United 0 - 2 Spurs : Excellent. This is an excellent result. And put together with last week's 3-1 win at home to Derby and the win away to Tranmere in the cup, could it be that Spurs are at last find some true form? Perhaps the second half humping by Man United was a blessing in disguise, a timely wake-up call. Seventh in the table now. Pretty good.

Wednesday 10 October 2001   [18:30 BST]

League Cup: Tranmere 0 - 4 Spurs : Hold the back page! Tottenham Hotspur in three goals up and not defeated shocker! O.K., so theoretically this was not the toughest possible draw that could come out of the hat, but it is exactly the sort of banana skin that Spurs have been falling on over the last few years. Well dispatched.

Sunday 30 September 2001   [11:50 BST]

Bastard bastard result yesterday.

Saturday 29 September 2001   [17:00 BST]

Spurs 3 - 5 Manchester United : What a choker. There must be vomit all over White Hart Lane. If United had just rolled up and won 2-0 there would have been little or nothing said, but for Spurs to be three up at half-time and then go right down the khasi, round the s-bend and out to sea is soul-destroying. High time for Spurs to stop fucking about.

Sunday 9 September 2001   [16:50 BST]

Spurs 2 - 0 Southampton : This result was much needed after just two draws and a defeat from the opening games. Dropping points at home to this crowd was not an option. Now how about crowning the victory by signing Dean Richards? Really piss 'em off.

Saturday 18 August 2001   [17:20 BST]

Spurs 0 - 0 Aston Villa : So the new season starts just as the old one ended (give or take a game), with a goalless draw against poxy Villa. This is probably a fair indicator of what to expect from the remainder of the season, i.e. utter indifference. Plus, of course, injuries. It wouldn't be Spurs if there weren't injuries, would it? Ferdinand limps off during the first half; Sheringham is too injured even to start the game.

Still, could be worse - could be Leicester.

Phespirit takes an even-tempered look at the issues of the day, pre-season 2001/2002 .....

Wednesday 4 July 2001   [19:55 BST]

ARS-SOL. What a complete and utter arsehole. After all the talk of being Spurs through and through, Sol-fucking-Campbell signs for Arsenal. It's the unthinkable. He could have gone anywhere - anywhere - else and it wouldn't have mattered, wouldn't have stung. And to make matters worse, it was only last week that Arsenal reject Emmanuel Petit turned down a move to Spurs because he couldn't bear to sign for the rivals of his ex- ex-club. We have an Arsenal reject walking away, flaunting his integrity, while the one-time Spurs idol knifes his adoring fans in the back. What an ARS-SOL.

Sack the board.