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Momus -
"The Philosophy Of Momus"

[ Released on Cherry Red Records - CD BRED 119 - May 1995 ]

MOMUS SAYS:  1994 is an extraordinary year for Momus. He rescues Shazna from Bangladesh, they marry and move to Paris. He moves back to Cherry Red and makes this album. Stylistically confused, the music veers between reggae, techno, blues and acoustic styles. Its main theme is the way the digital age is changing our ways of thinking about sex, memory, and liberty.

The Philosophy Of Momus
  1. Toothbrushead
  2. The Madness Of Lee Scratch Perry
  3. It's Important To Be Trendy
  4. Quark And Charm, The Robot Twins
  5. Girlish Boy
  6. Yokohama Chinatown
  7. Withinity
  8. K's Diary
  9. Virtual Valerie
  10. Red Pyjamas
  11. The Cabinet Of Kuniyoshi Kaneko
  12. Slide Projector Lie Detector
  13. Microworlds
  14. Complicated
  15. I Had A Girl
  16. The Philosophy Of Momus
  17. The Loneliness Of Lift Music
  18. Paranoid Acoustic Seduction Machine
  19. The Sadness Of Things