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Momus -
"Oskar Tennis Champion"

[ Released on Analog Baroque Records - ANALOG 008 CD - February 2003 ]

MOMUS SAYS:  In early 2002, fleeing terrorism, recession and the Bush administration, Momus moved from New York to Tokyo. Oskar Tennis Champion was recorded in the Nakameguro district and marks a radical departure for a Momus recording: the entire album has been tweaked, mangled, glitched up and remixed by a young 'reproducer' based in Bay City, Michigan: 22 year-old John 'Fashion Flesh' Talaga. The result is a record to satisfy your inner Pierre Schaeffer as much as your inner Georges Brassens. A record that takes you from the South China Seas to Scotland and on to 'the house of the dead'. A record of articulacy and melody that seems, nevertheless, strangely attracted to madness and noise.

Oskar Tennis Champion
  1. Spooky Kabuki
  2. Is It Because I'm A Pirate?
  3. Multiplying Love
  4. Scottish Lips
  5. My Sperm Is Not Your Enemy
  6. Oskar Tennis Champion
  7. A Little Schubert
  8. The Laird Of Inversnecky
  9. The Last Communist
  10. Pierrot Lunaire
  11. Beowulf (I Am Deformed)
  12. Electrosexual Sewing Machine
  13. A Lapdog
  14. Lovely Tree
  15. Palm Deathtop
  17. The Ringtone Cycle by Oliver Cobol