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a   p e r s o n a l   a s i d e

It all began for Phespirit in March 1992, upon attending a Curve gig at the old Town & Country Club in Kentish Town, where he had the good fortune to encounter erstwhile acquaintances Phil Millo and Myfanwy Lloyd.

Phil raved about  MOMUS  so in deference to his good taste Phespirit purchased the "Hippopotamomus" CD, complete with notorious "Michelin Man" track, and has never looked back.

For a Momus appreciation enter Phespirit's "HEROES ROOM", door 10.

p h e s p i r i t   r a t e s   m o m u s   a h e a d   o f   a l l   c o m e r s

p h e s p i r i t ' s   f a v o u r i t e   m o m u s   a l b u m s

p h e s p i r i t ' s   f a v o u r i t e   m o m u s   t r a c k s

Circus Maximus

  1. Lucky Like St. Sebastian
  2. The Rape Of Lucretia
  3. The Lesson Of Sodom (According To Lot)

The Poison Boyfriend

  1. The Gatecrasher
  2. Closer To You
  3. Murderers, The Hope Of Women

Tender Pervert

  1. The Charm Of Innocence
  2. Bishonen
  3. In The Sanatorium

Don't Stop The Night

  1. The Guitar Lesson
  2. Amongst Women Only
  3. Trust Me I'm A Doctor

Monsters Of Love (Singles 1985-90)

  1. Hotel Marquis De Sade
  2. Ballad Of The Barrel Organist
  3. Monsters Of Love


  1. Marquis Of Sadness
  2. Pornography
  3. Song In Contravention

The Ultraconformist

  1. La Catrina
  2. The Cheque's In The Post
  3. Spy On The Moon


  1. Summer Holiday 1999
  2. Cibachrome Blue
  3. Virtual Reality


  1. Rhetoric
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Landrover

The Philosophy Of Momus

  1. The Sadness Of Things
  2. The Cabinet Of Kuniyoshi Kaneko
  3. Yokohama Chinatown

Slender Sherbet

  1. The Charm Of Innocence
  2. Bishonen
  3. Hotel Marquis De Sade

Stop This!

  1. Good Morning World
  2. David Hamilton
  3. Trance Cocktail Airlines

20 Vodka Jellies

  1. Good Morning World
  2. Streetlamp Soliloquy
  3. London 1888

Ping Pong

  1. The Animal That Desires
  2. The Age Of Information
  3. I Want You, But I Don't Need You

The Little Red Songbook

  1. Born To Be Adored
  2. What Are You Wearing?
  3. A White Oriental Flower

Stars Forever

  1. Adam Green
  2. Paolo Rumi
  3. Mai Noda


  1. Going For A Walk With A Line
  2. Pygmalism
  3. Heliogabalus

Oskar Tennis Champion

  1. Pierrot Lunaire
  2. Electrosexual Sewing Machine
  3. Beowulf (I Am Deformed)

Forbidden Software Timemachine

  1. The Charm Of Innocence
  2. Bishonen
  3. Summer Holiday 1999

Otto Spooky

  1. Jesus In Furs
  2. Sempreverde
  3. Mr Ulysses

Ocky Milk

  1. Zanzibar
  2. Hang Low
  3. The Birdcatcher


  1. The Cooper O' Fife
  2. The Man You'll Never Be
  3. Strewf!


  1. Death Ruins Everything
  2. Bubble Music
  3. The Building Song


  1. We Don't Have To Make Children
  2. The Teacher
  3. Willow Pattern


  1. Cheekbone
  2. Core
  3. Southbound