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Phespirit goes to the Czech Republic
Prague     September 1995

The 20th September 1995 was the date on which Phespirit finally overcame his irrational fear of flying. A considerable ordeal of nerves was endured right up to his psychological point of no return - the check-in - but the subsequent rewards for such melodramatic suffering were immense. Phespirit's nervousness over the sensation of flying was alleviated by the following good advice: "sitting in a flying airliner feels no different to sitting on a moving underground train". Which is quite true .....

Arrival in Prague reduced all pre-occupation with the issue of flying to an ancient triviality. The streets are awash with beauty, history and wonder. Landmarks such as the Powder Tower, the Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge (Karlův Most), and the castle district including St. Vitus Cathedral are jaw-droppingly magnificent, but there is also an inherent warmth and relaxed atmosphere which make this such an easy city to fall in love with.

To be able to walk unfamiliar streets in the small hours without menace or fear was good; to pay homage at the grave of Franz Kafka was good; to purchase strange art on the Charles Bridge was good. Prague was good.

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