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Phespirit goes to Spain
Barcelona     July 1996

There was a time when, for Phespirit, Barcelona equated to football and the Olympic Games. Nowadays the list of favourable associations is enormous, with prime examples being Antonio Gaudi, the Ramblas, the old gothic quarter, the new harbour district and, of course, football and the Olympic Games.

Phespirit has only one criticism of the place: that is the misguided desire to continue developing Gaudi's Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia. The Nativity Façade, which was constructed by the great man himself, is fascinatingly detailed and exquistitely organic, whereas the Passion Façade - added after the death of Gaudi - is a crude and truly awful lashed-up abomination. Gaudi cannot be resting in peace.

As always, little treats can be found in some of the most unexpected places ..... whilst sauntering along the Carrer dels Tallers, Phespirit entered a small record shop and was delighted to hear playing: "Hope" from The House Of Love's 1988 eponymous album.

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