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Phespirit goes to Norway
Oslo     July/August 1997

As a member of Greenpeace, Phespirit had stalked the supermarkets of England, surreptitiously putting 'Boycott This Product' stickers on Norwegian imports in support of the anti-whaling campaign. Until, that is, he blew his green credentials by sloping off for a holiday in Oslo. Terrible hypocrisy.

Perhaps it was natural justice that it rained in stair rods for pretty much the whole time he was there.

In general, Phespirit found the Norwegian people to be a handsome, charming and amusing bunch. One encounter on a train saw a particularly large viking offering to share his beers with Phespirit. Although a sober Phespirit politely declined, the viking set about merrily draining a tin until he noticed the approach of a ticket inspector, at which point he hastily stashed his booze away, complaining:
"It is illegal to drink alcohol on Norwegian trains."
When Phespirit then queried the earlier offer, he was reassured:
"You would have been all right - you're a tourist."

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