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Phespirit goes to Denmark
Copenhagen     March 1998

Phespirit returns to Scandinavia. Having already visited Iceland and Norway, here was a chance not only to see a little of Denmark, but also to travel "Round the Sound", across the Kattegat to Sweden.

Visiting Copenhagen in March meant enduring uncomfortably low temperatures and missing out various summer attractions such as the famous Tivoli gardens. However, Phespirit still enjoyed his stay, finding the city to be bigger and more brashly self-confident as a European capital than Oslo (altogether a little more twee) or Reykjavík (a rugged weather-beaten outpost). As far as national stereotyping and sexism will allow, Phespirit can report that it is the womenfolk of Denmark who are the keepers of the proverbial Scandinavian good looks.

On his two-stop foray to Sweden, Phespirit found the city of Malmö to be a characterless clump of grey concrete buildings, whereas Helsingborg is small, warm, cosy and welcoming. Back in Denmark, away from the capital, Phespirit was relaxed by the ambience of Kronberg castle (Helsingør), was impressed by the magnificence of Roskilde Cathedral and Fredriksborg Castle (Hillerød), and was snowed on while wandering through the deer park at Klampenborg, eating popcorn.

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