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Phespirit goes to Denmark
Copenhagen     March 1998


Map of Denmark

1 Copenhagen

Phespirit stayed at the Norlandia Star Hotel in Colbjørnsensgade, behind the main railway station, which itself is separated from the Tivoli Gardens by Bernstorffsgade (the long words are streets).

The railway station is a rough looking place, best passed through, not loitered around.

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2 Roskilde

Phespirit travelled by train to Roskilde:

  • to visit Roskilde Cathedral, twin-spired sepulchral church of no fewer than thirty-eight Danish kings and queens;
  • to visit the Viking Ship Museum, with its displays of Viking ships retrieved from the bottom of Roskilde Fjord.

This year marks Roskilde's 1,000-year anniversary, but Phespirit's visit did not coincide with any festivities.

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3 Helsingør

Phespirit travelled by ferry to Helsingør:

  • to return from Sweden to Denmark;
  • to visit Kronborg Castle, made world famous as the setting for Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

Be it the result of appalling misfortune or appallingly bad planning, the castle was closed when Phespirit visited, so he was only able to access its courtyard.

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4 Hillerød

Phespirit travelled by train to Hillerød:

  • to visit Frederiksborg Palace, built as the residence of King Christian IV, and now the Museum of National History.

A magnificent place.

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  1. Copenhagen
  2. Roskilde
  3. Helsingør
  4. Hillerød
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Copenhagen Roskilde Helsingør Hillerød