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Phespirit goes to Sweden
Malmö & Helsingborg     March 1998


Map of Sweden

1 Malmö

In the hour Phespirit allowed himself in Malmö he changed money at the harbour, visited the Church of St. Peter, then the Stortorget (a large square in front of the City Hall), then walked down and up the pedestrianised Södergaten, before finally heading for Malmö's central station to catch the train to Helsingborg.

The Church of St. Peter - 'Sankt Petri kyrka' in Swedish - was the only structure that could be considered a place of interest. It is a large brick church, built in the gothic style with a 105m tall tower, that dates back to 1319.

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2 Helsingborg

Standing on a hill at the heart of Helsingborg is the dark, brooding mediæval tower known as the Kärnan. Once part of a much larger fortress, it now stands alone, yet still looks dauntingly robust and impregnable.

Phespirit ascending the stairs to the top for best views of the town and across the Øresund and Kattegat.

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  1. Malmö
  2. Helsingborg
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Malmö Helsingborg