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Phespirit goes to France
Avignon     May 1998


Map of France

1 Avignon

A city of bleached history, tree-lined avenues and pavement café society. The River Rhône flows gently by the perimeter walls and colourful fields stretch beyond. All very idyllic .....

..... apart from the cars, always the cars, the noise of traffic.

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2 Nîmes

The Roman amphitheatre at Nîmes, completed around the end of the 1st-century AD, could squeeze in excess of twenty thousand spectators through the turnstiles at its peak. Nowadays they still cram in six to seven thousand for the occasional bit of theatre.

Trivia corner: Nîmes is where Levi Strauss discovered the ideal cloth for making jeans - hence the word 'denim'.   ('de Nîmes')

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  1. Avignon
  2. Nîmes
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