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Phespirit goes to Lithuania
Vilnius     August 1999


Map of Lithuania

1 Vilnius

Phespirit's visit to Vilnius was his third foray into post-Communist eastern Europe, after earlier trips to Prague and Budapest. Of the three cities, the Lithuanian capital was the least contaminated by western influences and gratuitous commercialisation.

Even stall-holders at the souvenir market along Pilies offered good quality handicrafts at good prices rather than the usual tourist tat.

How long can it last?

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2 Trakai

Trakai is a mere thirty-eight minute train ride west from Vilnius. Its top attraction is Trakai Insular Castle, built in 1321 on an island of the mighty Lake Galvé by Grand Duke Gediminas.

The mediævil brick-on-stone castle looks every inch the part, with its wide courtyard, high towers and surrounding water. Naturally a museum is housed within its walls but in this fine natural setting it would be easy to fill a day simply strolling around outdoors.

Phespirit visited the museum AND had a pleasant stroll.

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  1. Vilnius
  2. Trakai
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Vilnius Trakai