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Phespirit goes to Fuerteventura
Corralejo     March 2001

It was whilst travelling to the airport for a November trip to Poland that Phespirit decided he really should try to break his cycle of visiting very hot places in Summer and very cold places in Winter. Some quality beach time in the Canary Islands seemed like the best solution.

Phespirit chose Fuerteventura as the island most likely to provide a cheap holiday under the sun without hoards of other tourists swarming all over the place. Gran Canaria narrowly lost out for want of a hotel on an isolated beach; Lanzarote and Tenerife were blithely ruled out as overdeveloped and overcrowded; La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro all seemed too difficult to get into for the right price.

And so it was that Phespirit checked into the Hotel Riu Oliva Beach, a couple of kilometres to the south of Corralejo at the north-east corner of the island. The hotel is superbly situated right on the shoreline of the Playas de Corralejo, or Playas Grande as the dunes are also known. This eleven kilometre sweep of uncluttered, clean, golden sands has been designated as a national park to protect it from further tourist development. It has become a place of pilgrimage for sunseekers; Phespirit noted that he alone had not a vestige of tan upon arrival. In rectifying this matter, swimwear was soon found to be superfluous when away from the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Spending every hour on the beach, however, was not an option. Excessive sunburn was sagely avoided by taking time out around the interior of the island, plus a ferry crossing to Lanzarote.

Caution aside, the whole point in coming was to relax and soak up lots of precious sunshine among the dunes of Playas de Corralejo and this was achieved. It would have been nice to have whiled a little more time before returning to the shivering death throes of Winter in England - via a near-miss aborted landing at Gatwick airport - but time will come around though. Phespirit will be back.

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