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Phespirit goes to Lanzarote
tour     March 2001

Whilst holidaying in Fuerteventura, Phespirit makes the ferry crossing to Lanzarote. These Canary Island neighbours could hardly be more different.

Fuerteventura presents a uniformly wind-eroded volcanic landscape, all oranges and yellows, rubble and dust, with just a few villages and farms scattered about the valleys. There is a grandiose rawness about the place, which is fascinating to traverse, but it could well be a tedious place to spend a lifetime.

Lanzarote, on the other hand, is younger, greener, fresher and offers more diversity in its terrains. Fans of volcanic landscapes will be impressed; these geological youngsters are still very much alive. Fans of the grape will also be impressed; the middle of the island is dominated by vineyards, uniquely sculpted and styled. And, of course, fans of beaches and bucket holidays can have their fun at the peripheries.

Having originally written off Lanzarote as being too commercialised to be of interest, Phespirit will not be so quick to prejudge a place in future.

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