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Phespirit goes to Germany
Berchtesgaden     September 2001

Such a happy time to be visiting Bavaria, albeit just for one day. Memories are still fresh of the England football team playing a World Cup qualifier just up the road in Munich a little over two weeks before and coming away with a legendary five-one win. On this coach tour from Fuschl am See in Austria, English passengers were advised, "Give the Germans a nice big five fingered wave as we drive by, and they will wave back with the number of goals that they scored ....."

The passage into Germany was completely unhampered by any border crossing formalities; without so much as a guard or barrier in sight the coach did not even have to slow down.

First stop was the Kehlsteinhaus, better known as The Eagle's Nest, the seldom-used mountain retreat gifted to Hitler by the National Socialist German Workers' Party, in 1938, for his fiftieth birthday. It was saved from destruction by a veil of cloud when the bombers came at the end of the Second World War; the same cloud denied Phespirit any panaromic view of the surrounding Berchtesgadener Land in 2001.

Nowadays the Kehlsteinhaus stands solely as a testiment to the skill of the artisans who built it. There is no burden of history, no eerie atmosphere, no footsteps of evil men. It is just a building - specifically, it is an overcrowded Bavarian restaurant selling overpriced food and drinks.

Altogether better value is the ½ Hähnchen vom Grill with Pomme Frites - grilled chicken and chips - at the Express Grill in Berchtesgaden. The town earns a living from the tourists who come down from the Kehlstein mountain. It has some nice churches and a modest selection of shops but little else.

Footnote:   Germany 1 - 5 England       HA HA HA HA Ha Ha ha ha ha ha .....

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