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Phespirit goes to Germany
Berchtesgaden     September 2001


Map of Germany

1 Berchtesgaden

In the graveyard near the coach station stands a large headstone engraved simply with a name:

Dietrich Eckart

Here rests the man who was often called the "spiritual founder" of National Socialism. As well as being a close adviser to the young Adolf Hitler he had been a vagrant, drunkard, morphine addict and mental institution resident who died through overdrinking in 1923.

Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that Eckart was: "one of the best, who devoted his life to the awakening of our people, in his writings and his thoughts and finally in his deeds."

Who leaves the flowers on this man's grave?

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2 The Eagle's Nest

The road to the Kehlsteinhaus is as great a feat of engineering as the building itself, having been blasted from the solid rock in such a way as to require only one hairpin turn on the entire ascent.

Then there is the 124m stone tunnel leading from the parkplatz to a whispering gallery directly beneath the Kehlsteinhaus.

Then there is the brass-lined elevator, from the whispering gallery to the summit, rising 124m in 41 seconds (Phespirit counted).

The Nazis may have been evil, genocidal maniacs but the quality of their civil engineering was second to none. Fair play.

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  1. Berchtesgaden
  2. The Eagle's Nest
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Berchtesgaden The Eagle's Nest