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Going for a walk around Fuschl am See - Lines I to VI

Going for a walk around Fuschl am See - Map - Lines I to VI

Phespirit completed five 'wanderpass' walks to obtain 180 points for a gold pin, plus one for luck.

  1. Around Fuschlsee - Schlossfischerei (15)   [approx. 12-13km]
    Not quite as straightforward a walk as might be presumed. The trail underfoot varies considerably from road to gravel path to mud track, plus all stages in between. Only a few gradients, though.

  2. Eibensee (20) - Mariannenkopf (20) - Almkogel (30)   [approx. 21-22km]
    An excellent walk along a well-maintained, broad, stony track which rises gently all the way. The stamping-station at Eibensee is in a wooden shelter at the far end of the lake. Back on the track, beware missing the obscure turn off that leads up Mariannenkopf. The trail to Almkogel is slightly more obvious; a short cross-country scramble is rewarded with superb views across Mondsee.

  3. Ellmauststein (20)   [approx. 6km]
    The view from the top of Ellmaustein gives the definitive panorama of Fuschlsee, but getting there requires a relentlessly steep climb. A short exhausting walk, not to be underestimated.

  4. Filblingsee (25) - Filbling (30)   [approx. 11km]
    The hard bit is finding the start of the trail from the road to Salzburg. From there on, a fairly steep track, solid underfoot, winds all the way to Filblingsee. Then the killer - a treacherous clamber up a perilously narrow, muddy footpath to the summit of Filbling. Horrendous in wet weather.

  5. Jausenstation Wartenfels (20)   [approx. 5-6km]
    An interesting trail leading north out of Fuschl am See, crossing a golf course, skirting meadows, and walking through the woods. The stamping-station is supposedly located at a café rather than the old Wartenfelds ruins, but Phespirit never did find it.

  6. Stilles Tal (0)   [approx. 8km]
    The first part of the walk is all downhill by road, leading north out of the village before turning west across country to the Stilles Tal area, where there is a river and a farm with a water-wheel, but no stamping-station and no points to be scored.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a local map or guide when setting out on these walks; Phespirit is not responsible if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or knackered.

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