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Going for a walk around Poiana Braşov - Line I

Going for a walk around Poiana Braşov - Line I - Map

A moderately difficult walk for an immoderately unfit walker   [approx. 11km]

  1. Hotel Alpin stands on a small hill next to the bus and coach park at the centre of Poiana Braşov. Phespirit stayed at this hotel and used it as his start and finish line.

  2. The main street through the centre of Poiana Braşov ends here. From this point onwards the trail consists solely of hardened mud footpaths and gritted forest tracks. Trees are marked with white squares containing vertical blues line along this, the first half of the route.

  3. As the trail turns south following the Valea Poienii, so it becomes trickier underfoot. In a number of places the footpath disappears entirely making it necessary to step along rocks on either side of the river. Phespirit found feathers from a devoured jay in this gorge west of Prăpastia Dracului.

  4. The welcome and unmissable sight of an isolated forestry house/hunting lodge marks the end of a long - and sometimes uncertain - walk out of the gorge. In the heat of summer Phespirit rested here a while, taking on water and taking off clothing, before turning back east along a well gritted forest track marked by white painted circles with blue circles inside.

  5. Having followed the downward line of a river all the way from Poiana Braşov the walk back is now a pure uphill slog, going even higher than the starting point. Along the area called Poiana Ursului the gradient is at its steepest and most shattering. At least the going underfoot is good.

  6. The track levels out and crosses the clearing of a ski run at this point. The walking is all downhill from here, following a trail of white-with-red circles back into the centre of Poiana Braşov.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a local map or guide when setting out on this walk; Phespirit accepts no responsibility if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or frightened by bears.

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