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Phespirit goes to Lesvos
Molyvos     September 2002

Time again for a beach holiday; some September sunshine at the setting of summer somewhere sleepy. And Phespirit had already seen the very place during his springtime Tour of Turkey - the Greek island of Lesvos, nestling in the north Aegean Sea just off the western shores of Anatolia.

The northern coastal town of Molyvos (also known as Mithymna) is the pick of the picturesque locations on Lesvos. Its red-tiled houses are built in tiers around a Byzantine fortress which overlooks the harbour. It is picture-postcard perfect and has a preservation order to keep it that way. Phespirit based himself in a studio apartment midway between Molyvos and the first of the Beaches of Eftalou further north. During the hours of daylight he would take a forty minute walk to the best of the pebble bays and pass his time basking in luxury by the sea. For his nocturnal routine, a superb meal at The Captain's Table restaurant down by the harbour, followed by a leisurely wine-warmed stroll back through Molyvos to his digs.

And that was pretty much all that Phespirit came for.

Nonetheless, a couple of days were spared for further investigation of Lesvos - the rugged landscapes of the west, and Mitylene, the capital of the island to the east. Plus a number of other places in between.

Phespirit enjoyed every moment of his time on Lesvos and would be in great haste to return .....

..... were there not so, so many more Greek islands to be explored first.

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