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The Beaches of Eftalou - Part II     from the Eftalou Hot Spring heading eastwards

Eftalou lies on the northern coast of Lesvos a couple of kilometres north by road from the ancient town of Molyvos. Starting from the main bus stop in Molyvos the Eftalou Hot Spring is a 45-60 minute walk away, or can be reached by regular public transport. The small white dome of the spring is situated at the water's edge, just a few metres from the main road. It occupies its own bay, the first in a string of nine bays that are reached by walking eastwards along the waterline. Each bay is partitioned from the next by an outcrop of rock that extends down to the edge of the sea.

All these bays have quiet pebble beaches, and all are used by sunbathers. The sea is crystal clear, the shorelines are clean and the hills and villages on the western coast of Turkey appear to be just a stone's throw across the water.

Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 1 - Eftalou Hot Spring.

Bay 1 - Eftalou Hot Spring

Small-to-medium beach, narrow and rough with craggy rocks, in shade throughout the morning. The Hot Spring is in a small white-domed building with adjacent shower - admission €2.50. Temperatures are between 43.6°C and 46.5°C.
Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 2.

Bay 2

The end of the first beach is marked by two rocks topped with white masts. The following bay is a small cove, not more than a dozen paces in length, and mostly in shade before noon.
Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 3.

Bay 3

The third bay has a broad pebbled beach which extends back twenty or so yards to scrub-covered hills. This is the last bay with facilities: the wishfully-named Golden Beach Restaurant, plus showers and changing cubicles.
Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 4.

Bay 4

Similar in size to the previous bay, but without the restaurant, showers or cubicles - a simplicity which arguably makes it all the more open and natural.

Bay 5

A very small bay, only partly separated from the previous bay by its partition of rocks. This beach and all subsequent beaches are used exclusively by naturists.

Bay 6

Another very small bay, only a few paces in width, but this one is kept secluded by an arc of high rocks, each end terminating just half a metre or so from the sea.
Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 7.

Bay 7

This bay has a gently sloped beach, closely sheltered around three sides by a steep rocky backdrop. Patches of soft gravel can be found among the large pebbles furthest from the sea.
Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 8.

Bay 8

This bay is both broader and deeper than the one preceding it and is hemmed-in by sloping hills of trees and scrub.
Eftalou, Lesvos: Bay 9.

Bay 9

The nine beaches come to an end at an orange headland that cuts sharply into the sea, the result of some long-ago rockfall. This bay, the final one in the sequence, is also the biggest.

what lies beyond the ninth bay .....

It is possible to continue further east along the shores by clambering or wading around the fallen rocks at the base of the last headland. A small, perpetually shaded bay lies beyond, after which a narrow sweep of rough northern coast stretches at length. Sunbathers do not use this beach. It is strewn with coarse stones, weeds and all sorts of sea-borne detritus. The beach is separated from the scrublands behind by a wire fence set upon a mud-caked stone wall. Towards the far end of the beach the fence cuts in at a right-angle, down to the sea. The main road emerges from the hills to briefly touch the coast.
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