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Depeche Mode'i baar - extract from A User's Guide To Tallinn

I pass the DM Bar on Nunne Street twice a day on the average, and the second time which usually takes place late at night when I stagger home to Kalamaja, I'm usually overwhelmed with a strange pang of envy. These guys - the die-hard DM fans - can down esoteric cocktails Master and Servant or Personal Jesus each day. And their idols have given their blessing to this place in person. Well, I can blame only myself. I could at least have let the two great obligatory D-s - DM and The Doors - poison me in junior high. Then I could now happily dissolve the topsy-turvy melancholy of my night hours in the only real songs "just about you and just to you". But quoting my personal highschool favourite The Smiths: "The music that they constantly play tells nothing to me about my life."

As a sub-culture eclectic I still allow myself a glimpse of the committed from time to time. I stay away from the niche with a fresco (rose and DM logo) for fear of not being worthy of the place. Let this be the place for the fans - skinny young men packed in black with bleached hair, girls packed in black with bleached or tar-black hair, the moustached old geezer packed in a leather waistcoat. I don't know why but this look is very popular among old school DM fans. An especially touching sight are the girls sitting alone all night with their eyes glued to the screen showing nonstop DM videos, mouthing lyrics as if they were a mantra. A year ago they probably didn't care where they went - Hollywood, Raeköök, Hell Hunt Pub, what's the difference? - but then an acquaintance of an acquaintance played a record with a funny electronic sound on a birthday, and the whole life got a new direction, meaning and appearance. Oh how I adore such scenarios - teenage kicks! Actually they also play pulsing electroclash, techno and progressive house here, but this is not important. These guys here don't have to rush in panic to their record collection or to their carefully selected friends night after night. They have their own scene.

From A User's Guide To Tallinn, copyright © authors (text).
Published by Eesti Kunstiakadeemia 2002.
ISBN 9985-78-701-3

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