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Phespirit goes to Malaysia
Malacca     March 2003

Before Phespirit checked out of Hong Kong, he spent his last day over the water in Macau; and when he subsequently checked in to Singapore, he spent his first day over the water in Malaysia, on a visit to the legendary city of Malacca (or 'Melaka', as the locals prefer).

Malacca is located on the west coast of Malaysia, about two hundred and twenty kilometres north of the narrow strait that separates Singapore from the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. By direct coach the journey from Singapore takes two to four hours, depending on rush hour traffic and border delays.

The story of Malacca, and the comings and goings of great trading empires, began when .....

..... and so it stayed until the Japanese invaded during World War II. Malaysian independence followed.

The story of Phespirit in Malacca began with lunch at the Hotel Equatorial, followed by visits to .....

..... and the British ..... well, it appears that the British erected no stone monuments in Malacca but that their legacy remains in the palm oil and rubber plantations around the highway to Singapore. All of these things together are what make Malacca such a unique place in Malaysia ..... in Asia ..... in the world.

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