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Going for a walk around Zermatt - Lines I, III and V

Going for a walk around Zermatt - Lines I, III and V - Map

Phespirit completed six walks around Zermatt, including these three to the west, the east and the north.

  1. Hotel Edelweiss - Hubel - Herbrigg - Zermatt   [approx. 4km]

    Phespirit started his two hour walk from the main street in Zermatt (1620m), heading off up a cobbled side street next to GramPi's pub [1]. After leaving the village, the cobbled street becomes a dirt trail, passing over a meadow and crossing a bridge at the foot of some cliffs. The path starts to ascend more steeply here, winding back and forth by the gorge of a trickling waterfall. Phespirit observed silicate dust spangling like glitter on his dark boots and, where the path leaves the gorge, a young black squirrel flitting about in the trees. The trail continues to turn and rise, passing a high overhanging rock under which three small iron crosses commemorate fallen climbers. The Hotel Edelweiss is another fifteen minutes further along. The reward for reaching the hotel [2] is an excellent view back to the village and its valley (1961m). After a brief rest, Phespirit pressed on to Hubel in the direction of the Matterhorn. After about 25 minutes, a signpost (2120m) indicates the beginning of the descent, through Hubel (1946m) [3] and Herbrigg (1755m) [4] - each a tiny hamlet made up of small stone-roofed timber huts - all the way back to Zermatt.

  2. Oberrothorn - Fluhalp - Stellisee - Grindjisee - Moosjisee - Leisee - Sunnegga   [approx. 16-17km]

    A walk in three parts: from the Rothorn lift station to the peak of Oberrothorn; from Oberrothorn down to Fluhalp, next to the Findelgletscher (glacier); from Fluhalp via four lakes to Sunnegga. Rothorn (3103m) is best reached by catching the Sunnegga Express from Zermatt, the cable car to Blauherd and the gondola to Rothorn [1]. From here, a brief downhill hike (2981m) precedes a one hour long sequence of tight switchbacks all the way up to Oberrothorn (3414m). The climb frequently feels precarious. It is punctuated every quarter of an hour with 'Path to Freedom' sculptures that represent the Mineral World, the Plant World, the Animal World, the Human World and - at the summit - the Spiritual World [2]. From the top, Phespirit retraced his steps back to the Mineral World sculpture, then turned left to begin his descent to Fluhalp (2618m), taking a brief detour by the side of the glacier to admire two small pools. Ten minutes down from Fluhalp [3], in the general direction of the Matterhorn, is the exposed Stellisee (2537m) [4], the first of four lakes. Following a broad track, the next lake is Grindjisee (2334m): beautiful, clear and shallow. After a tight left turn, Phespirit continued on the road as far as a major right turn, after which the second signpost points to the Gant lift station [5]. Walking by Gant, over a small bridge, turning left on the mountain bike route, the next lake is the brilliantly turquoise but slightly foam-flecked Moosjisee (2140m). Five minutes around the corner is the picturesque clearing of Findeln. The path cruelly veers uphill at this point, through Eggen and on to the final lake, Leisee (2232m). After one last climb up to Sunnegga (2288m) [6], Phespirit opted to take the Sunnegga Express back to Zermatt. Quite knackered after five hours hiking, plus rest stops.

  3. Sunnegga - Tuftern - Tiefenmatten - Ried - Zermatt - Täsch   [approx. 15km]

    A walk in two parts: from Sunnegga via Tiefenmatten to Zermatt; then straight through Zermatt, following the railway to Täsch. Starting from the Sunnegga Express station (2288m), Phespirit followed the path down and round to the right for about 200m, then took a left turn down to the Murmeltier-Beobachtungsposten [1] - an incongruous pile of rocks housing a friendly marmot family. From this "viewing point" a wide gritted track leads to the hamlet of Tuftern (2215m). This is a thirty minute walk with superb views back to Zermatt and the Matterhorn. Veering off track, through Tuftern [2], Phespirit headed for Tiefenmatten, cutting across a meadow, through woods, down a ski-run, across another ski-run, through more woods to a road. 30m along this road is a sign pointing down, through yet more woods, to Tiefenmatten (1872m) [3] - a pleasant meadow, simple and secluded by trees, with a shaded bench and an old timber hay shed. After taking a break here, Phespirit backtracked to the road and followed it all the way down through Ried (1821m) [4] into Zermatt (1620m), passing by his place of stay in the village, Hotel Rex Garni [5]. Thus endeth part one of the walk. Continuing on, turning right into the main street by the church, part two begins at the railway station. Phespirit walked to the right of the station as far as the signs for platforms 21-22. A narrow concrete slope leads from here up to a footpath which undulates all the way down to Täsch (1438m). Both the railway and river are on the right. The path passes by the Zermatt heliport, along the flat top of two tunnels and detours around a major rock fall. After one hour the trail emerges onto a wide path by the river. This leads directly to the station at Täsch [6] - a further twenty minutes walking - for the return train to Zermatt.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a good local map when setting out on these walks; Phespirit accepts no responsibility if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or assailed by marmots.

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