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Phespirit goes to Germany
Munich     May 2004


Map of Germany

1 Munich

Why opt for pork from an English menu when the German menus offer magnificently descriptive helpings of schweinefleisch?

Phespirit can't be doing with heavy, meaty Bavarian dishes, so he dined largely on pizza and Pinot Grigio at the Ristorante Cá D'oro. When in Germany, do as the Romans do .....

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2 Oberammergau

Phespirit missed the last passion play by four years, and was too early for the next one by six years.

Without the famous play there is not a great deal to do here. Their Catholic Parish Church is nice but overall the village did not detain Phespirit for more than half an hour.

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3 Schloss Linderhof

This Schloss is a palace whereas the Neuschwanstein Schloss is a castle. This schloss also differed by being covered in scaffolding and protective sheets, so Phespirit never did see the exterior.

Still, the small rooms inside are lavishly colourful and the gardens are nicely designed, so it was worth a little visit.

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4 Schloss Neuschwanstein

From the road beneath Schloss Neuschwanstein it takes between twenty minutes and half an hour to walk up to the castle.

Phespirit fortified himself with a paper bag of astonishingly greasy chips, neutralised by a Magnum Classic ice lolly, followed by half a litre of water - claim 50¢ back on the glass bottle with a coupon labelled "Kiosk Wank" - and in this way did he fittingly dine like a fairytale king.

King Ludwig II's castle may have been an outrageously expensive extravagance that contributed to the near-bankrupting of the state of Bavaria, but it looks really nice. Phespirit empathises with him.

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  1. Munich
  2. Oberammergau
  3. Schloss Linderhof
  4. Schloss Neuschwanstein
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