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Going for a walk around St Anton am Arlberg - Lines I to V

Going for a walk around St Anton am Arlberg - Map - Lines I to V

Phespirit completed five walks to get the 80+ points required for a silver pin (50 for bronze and 120 for gold).

  1. Erzherzog-Eugenweg (4) - Rendlalpe (6)   [approx. 14-15km]
    A simple afternoon walk, mainly on gravel tracks, but briefly deviating onto a muddy path above the road for the Erzherzog-Eugenweg's 'Höchster Punkt' altitude sign. On the final ascent to Rendlalpe the options are either a very steep path directly uphill or a long sequence of switchbacks by road.

  2. Sennhütte (4) - Rodelhütte (4) - Konstanzer Hütte (8) - Rasthaus Ferwall (4)   [approx. 28-29km]
    Before heading off to the Konstanzer Hütte from the west end of town, bonus points can be scored by making a steep twenty minute detour up to Sennhütte, plus an additional forty minute round trip on the level from Sennhütte to Rodelhütte. Back on course, Konstanzer Hütte is a two hour twenty minute walk from the Hotel Mooserkreuz on broad paths and gravel roads, easy going all the way. The Verwall-Stausee lake is exactly halfway, with its Rasthaus nearby.

  3. Ulmer Hütte (8) - Stiegeneck-Maiensee (4)   [approx. 9-10km]
    Taking the Galzigbahn to Bergstation Galzig leaves fifty minutes of hiking uphill on a broad road to reach the Ulmer Hütte. The early stages are exposed and can be quite windy; the middle includes a very steep climb. Marmots may be seen in the area. On returning to Bergstation Galzig continue on the same road for fifteen minutes before turning right onto footpath 24, arriving at the Maiensee lake a further fifteen minutes later. Hike for another half hour down the fairly steep but picturesque footpath 16 to arrive at the main road (316) back into town.

  4. Tritschalpe (6) - Darmstädter Hütte (8) - Roßfallalpe (6) - SattelKopf (6)   [approx. 28-29km]
    From the Rendlbahn cable car station, start down a seemingly endless set of a steep switchbacks along a sandy road. Tritschalpe is in a valley by the Moostelbach river, reached after forty minutes. Darmstädter Hütte is two hours away along a constantly rising road with major construction works for a dam near the halfway point. Returning downhill by the same route, the Roßfallalpe hut can be attained after ninety minutes. From the river, an hour and a half's hard climb on narrow footpath 18 emerges at the Sattelkopf peak, marked with a large metal cross. The walk down the other side is even harder: thirty-five minutes on a steep, narrow, muddy set of switchbacks, followed by twenty-five minutes on a wider gritted track, turning off to the right to cross the Rosanna river, onto a road. Head left to revisit Verwall-Stausee; head right to return - utterly shattered - to town (half an hour).

  5. Nessleralpe (6) - Putzenalpe (6) - Jakobusweg (4)   [approx. 18km]
    Take a bus into Pettneu. To reach Nessleralpe, hike uphill for an hour and a quarter along the road that leads left off the main route through Pettneu. On the way back down there are supposed to be a number of footpath options for walking off-road in the direction of Putzenalpe. However, these are poorly marked and do not tally well with the local hiking guide map. Nonetheless, Putzenalpe may be reached in two and a half hours from Nessleralpe. Similarly confusing is the one hour hike down to the Jakobusweg 'Höchster Punkt' altitude sign. It is a further hour back to St Anton am Arlberg.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a local map or guide when setting out on these walks; Phespirit is not responsible if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or rain moistened.

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