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Phespirit goes to Switzerland
Werdenberg & Appenzell     July 2004


Map of Switzerland

1 Werdenberg

Werdenberg, just a short distance from Liechtenstein, is to Swiss cities what Liechtenstein is to Central European countries.

It has one castle, 41 houses, and ..... that's it. Yet presumably by an enduring set of trade alliances and non-aggression pacts it has not only survived to this century but has also retained city status.

An unexpected gem.

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2 Appenzell

Whatever unique characteristics the individual towns and cities of Switzerland may possess, the one thing they all have in common is their outrageously exorbitant prices.

Appenzell is no exception, but happily it costs nothing just to be on its streets enjoying a nice sunny day.

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  1. Werdenberg
  2. Appenzell
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Werdenberg Appenzell