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Schema for James Joyce's Ulysses

In 1921, James Joyce produced an eighteen stage schema for Ulysses to help his friend Stuart Gilbert grasp the fundamental structure of the novel. Gilbert later published it in 1930 in his own book, James Joyce's "Ulysses'.

  Title Scene Hour Organ Art Colour Symbol Technic
1 Telemachus The Tower 8 a.m.   Theology White, gold Heir Narrative (young)
2 Nestor The School 10 a.m.   History Brown Horse Catechism (personal)
3 Proteus The Strand 11 a.m.   Philology Green Tide Monologue (male)
4 Calypso The House 8 a.m. Kidney Economics Orange Nymph Narrative (mature)
5 Lotus-eaters The Bath 10 a.m. Genitals Botany, Chemistry   Eucharist Narcissism
6 Hades The Graveyard 11 a.m. Heart Religion White, black Caretaker Incubism
7 Aeolus The Newspaper 12 noon Lungs Rhetoric Red Editor Enthymemic
8 Lestrygonians The Lunch 1 p.m. Esophagus Architecture   Constables Peristaltic
9 Scylla and Charybdis The Library 2 p.m. Brain Literature   Stratford, London Dialectic
10 Wandering Rocks The Streets 3 p.m. Blood Mechanics   Citizens Labyrinth
11 Sirens The Concert Room 4 p.m. Ear Music   Barmaids Fuga per canonem
12 Cyclops The Tavern 5 p.m. Muscle Politics   Fenian Gigantism
13 Nausicaa The Rocks 8 p.m. Eye, Nose Painting Grey, blue Virgin Tumescence, detumescence
14 Oxen of the Sun The Hospital 10 p.m. Womb Medicine White Mothers Embryonic development
15 Circe The Brothel 12 midnight Locomotor Apparatus Magic   Whore Hallucination
16 Eumaeus The Shelter 1 a.m. Nerves Navigation   Sailors Narrative (old)
17 Ithaca The House 2 a.m. Skeleton Science   Comets Catechism (impersonal)
18 Penelope The Bed   Flesh     Earth Monologue (female)
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