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Phespirit goes to Slovenia
Kranjska Gora     May/June 2005

When Phespirit first visited Slovenia he was genuinely captivated the place. Five years later he still lauds it as the country in which he'd most like to live, outside the U.K., if language were no obstacle. Tragically language remains an enormous obstacle to Phespirit setting up home anywhere on the continent ..... but it does not excuse him for waiting half a decade before returning to the Julian Alps.

Having already ticked off most of the tourist 'must see' boxes during his visit to Bled in May/June 2000, Phespirit went to Kranjska Gora simply to hike and breathe. The town is situated in Slovenia's northwest, just beyond the northern borders of Triglav National Park in a valley that runs east-west between ranges of the Karawanken mountains and the Julian Alps. During the winter it is a noted ski resort, having played host to the Ski World Cup in February 2005, whilst in the warmer months visitors can walk its extensive network of hiking trails. Phespirit did the latter in unseasonably searing sunshine.

The trails are generally well marked and well maintained. Scattered destinations such as Alpine huts, mountain peaks, villages, lakes and waterfalls give purpose to the effort. Arrival at them is both reward and relief. Phespirit planned out half a dozen walks. Noteworthy amongst these were:

For less tiring recreation Phespirit boarded a bus to revisit the beautiful city of Ljubljana, and boarded a coach to venture across the Italian border and admire Lago del Predil. Now, having boarded a plane and returned to England, Phespirit remains fixed in his view that Slovenia is still probably the most wonderful country in continental Europe.

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