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Phespirit goes to Slovenia
Kranjska Gora     May/June 2005


Map of Slovenia

1 Kranjska Gora

The village has a central parade with a modest selection of shops and restaurants; it has a church, a bus station, a liberal peppering of residential houses, half a dozen big hotel complexes - a couple in the centre, the rest on the outskirts - and that's about it.

Phespirit stayed at the Hotel Kompas, one of the aforementioned big complexes. When he wasn't dining at the hotel he headed for Pizzerija Pino Kotnik, there to partake of their well-recommended pizzas, each one handmade - splendid with a jug of wine.

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2 Trenta

In Triglav National Park, in the Soča Valley, in the town of Trenta, is the Trenta Lodge Information Centre & Trenta Museum.

Best place for it.

Its three floors brim with multimedia presentations and exhibitions and information on the park - the experience of which is nothing in comparison to the actual park itself, but it's a worthy effort.

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3 Bovec

Anyone seeking excitement in Bovec could either take advantage of the numerous rafting and canyoning facilities in town, or simply loiter around and wait for the next earthquake ..... several of which have caused extensive damage to Bovec over the past century.

Phespirit merely had a brief stroll and an ice cream.

So much for excitement.

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4 Ljubljana

On his return to Ljubljana, Phespirit did some new things .....

  • Visited the National Gallery (admiring excellent works by Ivana Kobilca);
  • Strolled into Tivoli Park (to see Yann Arthus-Bertrand photos on display);

..... and some old things .....

  • Visited Ljubljana Castle and ascended its tower to survey the horizons;
  • Bought a few CDs at MCD, Miklosiceva 2.

Whether he's doing anything or nothing, Phespirit loves Ljubljana.

[Those Ljubljana CD purchases - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: 'B-Sides & Rarities'; Siddharta: 'Rh-'; Ursula Ramoves: 'Na Suncn Dan Sm Se Z Beciklam Pelu'.]

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  1. Kranjska Gora
  2. Trenta
  3. Bovec
  4. Ljubljana
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Kranjska Gora Trenta Bovec Ljubljana