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Phespirit goes to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar     September 2005


Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 Mostar

In Mostar, the capital of Herzegovina, Phespirit visited the Turkish Biscevica House, the Koski Mehmed Pasha's Mosque, the Clock Tower, the new Catholic Church and, of course, the Old Bridge.

The Old Bridge is just one of six bridges across the River Neretva in Mostar. Nowadays, 'extreme sports' enthusiasts come from all over the world to jump from the Old Bridge into the river. One gets the impression that, although the locals are grateful for the money these visitors bring with them, they are sorry to see their tradition debased in this way.

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2 Blagaj

Whilst journeying to Mostar, Phespirit stopped for lunch at Blagaj. He had the trout. Possibly the local variety known as Brook Trout, or possibly not. Who knows?

Blagaj is located at the source of the River Buna, which flows into the River Neretva 7km downstream, at a place called Buna .....

..... appropriately enough.

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3 Neum

A narrow land corridor links Bosnia and Herzegovina with the sea:

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina's coastline.

Conventional wisdom has it that the coastline is about 20km long, though it looks more like 7km as the crow flies from one Croatian border to the other. Neum is situated in the middle of the coast. It is the only summer resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The nation relies on Croatian ports for its commerce, which seems a bit daft.

Neum itself is just a cheap shopping zone, like most borderlands.

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  1. Mostar
  2. Blagaj
  3. Neum
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Mostar Blagaj Neum