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Phespirit goes to Albania
Shkodër     September 2005


Map of Albania

1 Shkodër

In Shkodër, Phespirit visited the town's History Museum, circuited the Stadiumi Loro Boriçi - footballing home of Kf Vllaznia - popped into the main post office, stepped tentatively into the grand central mosque, strode joyously around Rozafa Castle, and dined fairly at La Gjenda Restaurant.

The post office wall bears a sign in three languages, including the establishment's only English text:

Pasta Është Shlepia Jone

Klienti Është Mbret

The Client is The King

Whilst the client - assumed male - may fleetingly rejoice at being crowned "The King" he is immediately brought back down to lowly peasant status if subsequently unable to speak Albanian or Serb.

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  1. Shkodër
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