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Phespirit goes to Sweden
Stockholm     April 2006

Upon returning from his only previous foray into Sweden - to Malmö and Helsingborg in 1998 - Phespirit was less than complimentary in his reflections. It took him eight years to arrange a return visit for another look at the country, taking an Easter break to its capital city. This time the three days he spent wandering around Stockholm and its impressive national institutions could scarcely have done more to lift his feelings about the place.

As he was visiting during the Easter holidays Phespirit prepared by browsing a few Swedish tourism web sites to plan his itinerary and, more importantly, to confirm the opening dates and times of all the places he fancied taking a look around. Arriving at Arlanda airport on Maundy Thursday he caught the airport bus to the city centre, checked in at the nearby Adlon Hotel (as pre-booked), got a good night's sleep and then started out the following morning.

Stockholm is without a doubt the finest of the five Nordic capital cities. It is self-styled as "The Capital of Scandinavia" - a claim against which Phespirit could find no argument. To him it felt like a Vienna of the north, which is high praise indeed.

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