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Hotel Bukhara Palace's safety measures in case of earthquake

It's always useful to have a comprehensive set of instructions to hand in the event of major earthquakes. When Phespirit stayed in room 129 of the Hotel Bukhara Palace, Bukhara, Uzbekistan, he was relieved to find these notes in a table drawer:


Safety measures in case of earthquake.

  1. Before the earthquake.

    • Always consider and use the fire exists nearest your room in case of earthquake. People on the ground floor may also get through the windows.
    • You may possibly remain in the corners, on the thresholds (in the corridor, toilet), under secure beds, tables, etc.
    • Do not forget to switch off electricity and water taps in case of earthquake.
    • Learn how to provide first aids, especially, to the wounded.
    • Learn that the most dangerous places of the building are glass walls, windows, elevators and staircases. They are easily destroyed at 6-7 earthquake scales.
  2. During powerful earthquakes

    • Once you feel the earthquake and you are on the ground floor, try to leave the building as urgently as possible.
    • Keep off many-storied buildings, high voltage electricity poles, etc.
    • If you are up on the higher floors, try to stay on the threshold, or in the bathroom, corridor and toilet. Keep off the windows.
  3. After the earthquake

    • Immediately try to help injured people.
    • Inside the ruined building try to assist yourself or others around you, call out for help.
    • If you see a small fire around you, immediately try to put it out.

The management

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