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Phespirit goes to Latvia
Riga     July 2006


Map of Latvia

1 Riga

Hotel fun and games.

Having booked four nights at the City Hotel Bruninieks six months in advance, Phespirit was disappointed to arrive at reception only to be told that a problem with the electricity in his room meant he would have to spend his first night at the nearby Tia Hotel instead.

Phespirit suspected that this alleged 'problem with the electricity' was most likely to be another guest double-booked into his place. This seemed to be confirmed when he went back first thing in the morning - just as dozens of Germans were checking out - only for a different receptionist to tell him that the room still needed to be cleaned .....

When he returned later that evening he was finally allocated room 402 - seemingly on a whim - but as it was a large, well-appointed room he settled in and gave no more thought to the matter.

(sigh)  Well, what's to be gained from complaining?

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2 Vecāķi

It is said that when storms rage in the Baltic Sea they can stir up amber from seabed and deposit it on the Baltic states' beaches.

When Phespirit visited the beach at Vecāķi the sky was an idyllic blue, the breeze was a gentle murmur and the sea was a shiftless mass. No prospect of finding any freshly stirred-up amber, and no chance of any previously stirred-up amber having been overlooked by the sun-worshippers who flock there throughout the summer.

So Phespirit just lay down and sun-worshipped with them.

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  1. Riga
  2. Vecāķi
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Riga Vecāķi