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Phespirit goes to Serbia
Niš     September 2006


Map of Serbia

1 Niš

Phespirit lives on the island of Great Britain, which has a long and rich history but is rarely in invaded and enjoys consistent physical boundaries. The nations of Eastern Europe, however, see empires ebb and flow with violent regularity. Check out this short history of Niš - it's why the east will always be fascinating to Phespirit:

pre-Roman region inhabited by Celts
274-280AD Roman Emperor Constantine the Great born in Naissus (Niš)
441 city destroyed by Attila the Hun
448 city destroyed by further Hun attacks
480 city destroyed by Barbarians
6th century city rebuilt by Byzantine Emperor Justinian
615 city destroyed by Avars
987 city under control of Bulgarian Emperor Simeon
11th century city regained by Byzantium
1072 city raided by Hungarians
1183 Niš incorporated into Serbia by Stefan Nemanja
1197 Stefan Nemanja defeated by Greeks
1241 Niš regained by Serbia
1448-1877 Niš comes under Turkish Ottoman rule
1809 Battle of Cegar Hill during the first Serbian national uprising
1878 Niš regained by Serbia
1915-1918 Niš occupied by Bulgarian army
1918-present Niš free and unoccupied within the borders of Serbia

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