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Phespirit goes to San Marino
San Marino     May 2007


Map of San Marino

1 San Marino

In the small capital of a small country, Phespirit found a wealth of distractions to occupy his day. He visited:

  1. Basilica del Santo
  2. The Guaita - the first tower, also called 'Rocca'
  3. The Cesta - the second tower, also called 'Fratta'
  4. The Montale - the third tower
  5. St. Quirino Church of the Capuchin Convent
  6. Porta San Francesco
  7. The State Museum
  8. Palazzo Pubblico
  9. The Gallery of San Francesco
  10. The Museum of Torture

All together they provided ample activity in temperatures of 29°C.

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2 Borgo Maggiore

The Republic of San Marino is divided into nine separate districts, called 'castles'. Its eponymous capital is the best known of these, standing high upon Mount Titano.

Borgo Maggiore is the smaller market district that nestles against the lower north side of Mount Titano. Phespirit visited it on market day and had a brief wander through the tiny maze of stalls, calling in at a couple of churches, before taking a three-minute Cableway ride up to the heart of the country.

This was his brief glimpse of ordinary Sammarinese life.

Those nine administrative districts are: San Marino, Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Chiesanuova, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, Montegiardino and Serravalle.

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  1. San Marino
  2. Borgo Maggiore
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San Marino Borgo Maggiore