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"Last one in the Reichstag's a sissy"

- from Hancock's 'The Blood Donor' (1961)

Starring Tony Hancock as the would-be blood donor and June Whitfield as the nurse.

June Whitfield
Well, there is just one more thing - have you ever given any blood before?
Tony Hancock
Given? No. Spilt? Yes!

Yes, there's a good few drops lying about on the battlefields of Europe. Are you familiar with the Ardennes? I remember von Rundstedt's last push. Tiger Harrison and myself, being in a forward position, were cut off behind the enemy line.

"Captain Harrison," I said.
"Yes, sir?" he said.
"Jerry's overlooked us," I said, "where shall we head for?"
"Berlin," he said.
"Right!" I said, "Last one in the Reichstag's a sissy!"

So we set off, got there three days before the Russians .....
June Whitfield
You've never given any blood before?
Tony Hancock

So there we were, surrounded by storm troopers.
"Kamerad! Kamerad!" they said .....
June Whitfield
Now if you just sit over there with the others, doctor will call you when he's ready.
Tony Hancock
So we started rounding them up and we, and .....

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