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Phespirit goes to Germany
Berlin     July 2007


Map of Germany

1 Berlin

Berlin has been rebuilding constantly since the second world war, but less than two decades have passed since the Berlin Wall was torn down. It is only since then that the German people have been able to rebuild their capital as a single entity.

Phespirit had expected to find a city with cranes on every horizon, scaffolding on every building façade, and trenches gouged through every street and pavement. It was pleasantly surprising, therefore, to come across just four major construction sites:

  • adjacent to Alexanderplatz;
  • almost the whole of Museum Island;
  • on Unter den Linden, near the Brandenburg Gate;
  • around Friedrichswerdersche Kirche.

Berlin is a massive metropolis, so there's plenty of room to amble around and not be concerned by these pockets of disruption.

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  1. Berlin
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