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Going for a walk around Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße - Lines I to V

Going for a walk around Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße - Lines I to V - Map

Phespirit completed five walks around Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße and Zell am See.

  1. Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße - Taxhof - Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße   [appr. 5-6km]

    Phespirit opened his hiking with a nice easy stroll along trail 4 around a ridge to the north of Bruck. Ten minutes walk to the east from Hotel Lukasmayr [H], the trail begins with a gently zig-zagging ascent along proper roads. After three quarters of an hour, the road reaches Taxhof [1], where a guesthouse is the only notable landmark on the route. A narrow, rough footpath - number 444 - descends to a better path of stones after quarter of an hour, which in turn completes the trail all the way back down to Bruck (a further half-hour). Note that the last left turn, where there are farm buildings to the right, is not sign-posted.

  2. Mittelstation - Arietalm - Schoberalm - Schüttdorf - Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße   [appr. 11-12km]

    After a brief train ride from Bruck to Zell am See, followed by a City Xpress cable car to Mittelstation, plus a pause to eat a packed lunch in scorching sunshine outside the Gasthof Mittelstation [1], Phespirit was ready to hike. He began with a half-hour stroll along the 'Jägersteig' trail - an undulating muddy footpath through scenic woodland that emerges at the Arietalm hotel and restaurant [2]. From here he walked down proper roads as far as the Schoberalm [3], where he refreshed with a very large white wine before continuing his descent. He made a brief and pointless detour through a tunnel to the Sonnhütte [4] (closed) and then back-tracked to an off-road footpath down to the small town of Schüttdorf [5], close to the Arietbahn cable car station. From here he crossed a main road, turned right behind the Bruckberg railway station, then sharply left onto the long straight road - with a small airfield on the left - that leads down to the Salzach river. A left turn at the river [6] put him onto the final path for Bruck, where he arrived at his hotel [H] an hour after leaving the Arietbahn.

  3. Schmittenhöhe - Sonnkogel - Schmiedhofalm - Oberriet - Zell am See   [appr. 14-15km]

    For this, his longest hike, a train to Zell am See and a cable car ride on the Schmittenhöhebahn brought Phespirit to Schmittenhöhe [1]. Gritted track 67 lead him first to Hochzeller Alm (5 minutes) and then to Sonnkogelpfiff (a further fifteen minutes), from where a five minute climb took him to the Sonnkogel peak [2]. It was an overcast day, but not so bad as to obscure the mountains. The temperature was pleasant and the conditions perfectly still. He continued with a twenty minute steep descent and climb to Schmiedhofalm [3], after which came the long circuitous descent to Zell am See along trail 751. This involved many switchbacks down a very narrow woodland path. After an hour and twenty minutes, which included a stop for lunch, the path unexpectedly arrives at a mountain road with a signpost advising 'Maishofen, 1¾, 751'. Just 50m later, the path veers off-road again and back into the woodlands. This part of the hike is the most trecherous, being very narrow, quite steep in places, and sometimes poor going underfoot. After an hour of hiking along some broad switchbacks the trail reaches a short wooden staircase that descends to a wide, level, boggy track. A couple of minutes later, this joins a proper road where a signpost announces "Atzinger Panoramablick 1012m". In less than half an hour he was down in the village of Oberreit [4]. On firm level ground, he continued his walk as far as the 'Kapelle und Spätere Kirche Prielau' [5], and then took a right turn for a quarter circuit of the Zeller See as far as Zell am See railway station [S].

  4. Schmittenhöhe - Sonnkogel - Schmiedhofalm - Jaga Alm - Zell am See   [appr. 12-13km]

    As per the previous hike, Phespirit took the cable car to Schmittenhöhe. Unlike the previous hike, it rained the whole day, albeit with a temperature similar to an ordinary September in England, and little breeze. He planned to head south along trail 50 but quickly came upon a sign saying the footpath was closed, so instead he walked the 'Sisi Rundweg' back around to the front of the upper cable station, where he set out for the Sonnkogel restaurant along trail 68, in parallel to the 67 he walked before. After a Twix and a cup of tea, he proceded to Schmiedhofalm, but instead of continuing to trail 751, he turned down the mountain road leading back to the Schmittenhöhebahn cable station. This road took him to Blaickner's Sonnalm [A] (closed) and then - after a five minute detour on trail 63 via the Jaga Alm [B] - back to the outskirts of civilisation. He arrived at the lower cable station [C], soaked to his boots, almost four hours after leaving it. A glutton for punishment, he took a fifteen minute break and then continued onwards down to the railway station [S].

  5. Zell am See - Thumersbach - Schüttdorf - Zell am See   [appr. 10-11km]

    A circuit of Zeller See: it had to be done (probably). As is to be expected, the going is more or less flat the whole way around, with little to admire that cannot be better admired from altitude. Therefore Phespirit made this a brisk walk, not a stroll. He paused only for micturition and picturition. Starting from the railway station [S] he headed north, arriving at a yacht club on the north shore [A] after half an hour. He passed the town-limit sign for Thumersbach [B] after a further fifteen minutes, and then continued along the main road for half an hour until he reached the footpath [C] that marks the start of the south curve. After fifteen minutes walking along this path through marshland, he reached the outskirts of Schüttdorf [D], and was back at Zell am See station [S] just twenty-five minutes later. Total circuit time: a whisker under two hours.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a good local map when setting out on these walks; Phespirit accepts no responsibility if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or soaked.

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