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Phespirit goes to Spain
Madrid     November 2007


Map of Spain

1 Madrid

Saturday 17th November. The early morning temperature was just 4°C when Phespirit left his hotel. By late afternoon it had reached 15-17°C, and the city was warming up in more ways than one.

Heavily armed riot police were patrolling the streets in force. Their numbers were split between a highly organised anti-fascist rally in Plaza del Sol and the chaotically boisterous Swedish football fans assembled in Plaza Mayor. The police presence felt considerably more intimidating than either the anti-fascists or the Swedes.

That night Phespirit was at the Bernabéu Stadium to see Sweden disappoint their fans with an abject 3-0 capitulation against Spain.

Another typical weekend in Madrid?

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2 Toledo

Phespirit's first two days in Spain were set fair with unbroken blue skies without a patch of cloud; his last two days were cursed with unbroken cloudy skies without a patch of blue. The transition was overnight and seamless. Strange to behold.

Phespirit visited Toledo on one of the latter days. He found shelter from the elements in temples of various faiths, along with a couple of art galleries, but a little more shelter wouldn't have gone amiss. Unfortunately, El Alcázar fortress, part of Santo Tome church, the Sinagoga del Santa Maria la Blanca, and the Mezquito del Cristo de la Luz were all closed for restoration or some such excuse.

The city as a historic whole was the main thing, though, and that could hardly disappoint.

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  1. Madrid
  2. Toledo
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