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Phespirit goes to La Gomera
tour     March 2008


Map of La Gomera

1 San Sebastián

La Gomera is much smaller than Tenerife, and likewise its capital is dwarfed by the major towns of its neighbour.

Phespirit popped into Torre del Conde, Iglesia de la Asunción and Ermita de San Sebastián - one tower plus two churches - and did his utmost not to skid over on the lightly rain-dampened pavement as he was scurrying between them.

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2 Roque de Agando

La Gomera's 'roques' were formed when volcanic vents filled with a pasty lava, more acidic than basalt, and then eroded over millions of years to leave only the harder centre of the old chimney. Roque de Agando is the most famous of these skyscraping domes.

Phespirit took pictures of Roque de Agando, and then watched as within the space of five minutes it vanished beneath a descending mist. Fine precipitation accompanied. Phespirit moved on.

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3 La Laguna Grande

Parque Nacional de Garajonay is a protected region of subtropical forest at the heart of La Gomera. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. Its forty square kilometres are rampant with bizarre tree-like heathers and two-metre high dandelions.

La Laguna Grande is a clearing in the park, slightly to the west of its centre. Unfortunately for Phespirit, rainfall had rendered it more Laguna than Grande during his visit so he was forced to make do with mere glimpses of its surrounding wonders.

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4 Las Rosas

A Fred Olsen ferry carried Phespirit from Tenerife to La Gomera, a Fred Olsen ferry carried him back again, and in between Phespirit dined at Restaurante Las Rosas ..... a Fred Olsen restaurant. The market for La Gomera round-trips can be considered cornered.

Phespirit joined coachloads of fellow tourists for pumpkin soup, a dubious brown meat in gravy with chips, bananas for dessert, and red wine to drink. His mind was troubled with unappetising visions of hot sweaty cellars packed with vast cauldrens that bubbled and heaved with thick, heavy liquids for thick, heavy day-trippers.

Fine dining was never a reason for visiting La Gomera.

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5 Hermigua

There is a banana plantation in a valley at the heart of this region. Small houses are clustered along each side and some interesting roque formations reach skywards from the surrounding heights.

Phespirit wandered up and down, took photos, took the air, took a whiz and then took his leave.

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  1. San Sebastián
  2. Roque de Agando
  3. La Laguna Grande
  4. Las Rosas
  5. Hermigua
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San Sebastián Roque de Agando La Laguna Grande Las Rosas Hermigua