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Phespirit goes to Germany
Dresden     July 2008


Map of Germany

1 Dresden

For economic reasons, Phespirit's first day in Dresden was a day spent in museums. He bought a €12 Tagekarte (day ticket) which got him inside the New Green Vault, the Hausmannsturm, the Old Masters Gallery, the Armoury and the Porcelain Collection.

Individual ticket prices would have been €6, €3, €7, €3 and €6. It's not ideal to visit so many museums in one day (he also squeezed in his pre-booked visit to the Historic Green Vault) but as it meant he saved more than he spent, he decided to make the effort.

The quality and variety of presentations helped him through.

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2 Meißen

Think Meißen, think porcelain.

15th January 2008 marked the tercentenary of the first successful production of European hard white porcelain. Nowadays it is worth a visit to the Staatliche Porzellan Manufaktur (Porcelain Museum) if only to stare in wide-eyed awe at the prices in their shop.

Phespirit has no particular interest in porcelain but he does like a bit of Gothic. Meißen has a fantastic black Gothic cathedral built between the mid-13th and 15th centuries. Phespirit recommends an ascent of one its twin towers to admire the 360° views and the macabre/intriguing early Gothic sculptures.

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  1. Dresden
  2. Meißen
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