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Phespirit goes to Poland
Warsaw     May 2009


Map of Poland

1 Warsaw

Warsaw is not an obviously attractive place. Understandable given the utter destruction it endured sixty-five years ago and the Soviet yoke placed upon it in subsequent decades. It has resurrected its prettiest buildings, but these are enmeshed with ugliness - graffiti, concrete, wires and cables. As a city it is both big and distinctive, but it falls some way short of being grand. Despite this .....

Phespirit's days in Warsaw were beautifully warm and sunny with just the slightest chill on the breeze to prevent over-heating. Each day he walked his feet to a state of blisters from morning to early evening, and never wearied or lost interest in the place. That's the sign of a magical city with intriguing layers beneath the surface.

And speaking of magical, it has one of the most interesting shops Phespirit has found anywhere in the world: the 'Lapidarium', a.k.a. the 'House of Magic', a.k.a. 'Master Kilinski's Workshop'. Heading north from the Old Town square it's the last shop on the left before the Barbican. Highly recommended.

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  1. Warsaw
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