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Going for a walk around Fuerteventura - Lines I to V

Going for a walk around Fuerteventura - Lines I to V - Map

Phespirit completed five walks around Fuerteventura.

  1. Costa Calma - Playa de Sotavento - Playa de Esquinzo - Playa de Butihondo - Playa del Matorral - Morro Jable   [appr. 21km]

    Taking one of the half-hourly buses that head north from Jandía to Costa Calma, Phespirit alighted at a roundabout near the northern outskirts of town. The coast was just a short walk away, slightly uphill and around the northern edge of the beachfront hotels. Phespirit started his shoreline hike from the old wartime defensive 'pill-box' [A] near to where the sand runs out north of Costa Calma. The directions from here are simple: stay with the edge of the sea all the way south to the final impassable wall of black rock at Morro Jable. The route passes eighteen beaches and bays of wildly varying sizes, separated by headlands and rocky outcrops that occasionally have small patches of sand in front of them. Discounting rest stops, it took Phespirit an hour to reach the start of the biggest beach, Playa de Sotavento [B], and just short of two hours to reach the windsurfers 'Pro Center' at the start of the next long beach [C]. Three hours and fifty minutes of walking brought him to his hotel, Fuerteventura Princess [H], where he finished his first attempt at this hike. He carried on further at the second attempt: four and a half hours brought him level with the Faro del Matorral lighthouse [D], and exactly five hours of hiking brought him to the end of the line at Morro Jable [E].

  2. Costa Calma - Los Boquetes - Costa Calma   [appr. 12km]

    Again taking a bus north from Jandía to Costa Calma, this time Phespirit alighted at southern outskirts of town, opposite the El Palmeral shopping centre [A]. He applied suncream to his face and arms, then set off along the road immediately to the right of the shops. After a few minutes the road turned to dust and the hike commenced. Crossing the flat, firm, sandy Pared Isthmus could not have been simpler, but only ten minutes into the hike he headed left for a close-up look at the cluster of huge wind generators. Returning to the track after half an hour, he continued in a straight line for a further half an hour until he was standing on the clifftops overlooking the west coast. Phespirit took a few photos and then scrambled down a slope to get closer to the raging sea. He wandered a little way south, then an even greater distance to the north. Towards the northern end he came across a paradise-perfect near-deserted little beach with north- and south-facing shores. Just five minutes further north is the end of the line, beyond Los Boquetes [B], an impassable wall of black rock. Beginning his return, Phespirit heaved himself up the nearest sand dune a took a final view from the high point over Los Boquetes. From here it took forty minutes to hike across stony country to the northern end of Costa Calma, and a further twenty minutes to reach the sea at the east coast.

  3. Jandía - Pico de la Zarza - Jandía   [appr. 15km]

    Starting from the bus stop directly behind the Faro del Matorral in Jandía, Phespirit set off along various roads towards where he imagined the hiking trail commenced [1]. After a few presumed false starts and uncertain leads, he eventually reached the end of an asphalt road immediately to the east of Jandía Golf course. He had been walking for almost an hour but was on the wrong track, heading into a valley when he should have been on top of its eastern ridge. Ten minutes into the valley, beyond a couple of small goatherd farms, he passed a National Park sign. When the track dwindled and disappeared he new for sure he'd got it wrong. He was faced with a range of peaks straight ahead, and the prospect of having to scramble hundreds of metres up one side. He picked out the rock face that looked the least unfavourable and began his ascent. After a gruelling hour's climb, he finally reached the 4WD road that he should have been on from the start. Twenty minutes later the road became a footpath, and after a further fifteen minutes he reached the fence that protects the rare plants on the summit. He clambered through and five minutes later he was standing on top of the highest peak on Fuerteventura [2]. The 360° views were as stunning as any Phespirit has ever seen from a mountain top. True desolate beauty. Back-tracking for the return hike, he made sure to stay on the 4WD road the full length of the ridge. It took a little under an hour and a half to get back to the start of the trail [1]. For good measure he then soaked his weary feet in the sea at Faro del Matorral [D] and finished off with the hour long walk around the beach to hotel Fuerteventura Princess [H].

  4. Morro Jable - Cofete - Morro Jable   [appr. 28km]

    Phespirit began this hike from the port of Morro Jable [E]. It took three-quarters of an hour walking west along the road out of town, passing a church and cemetery gardens, to reach the rough little car park where the hiking trail begins. It is marked with a sign announcing: "Red de Caminos de Páraja GRAN VALLE - COFETE" [1]. The trail is wide and well maintained. After just fifty minutes sustained effort he was at the top of the ridge of peaks that divide the peninsula [2]. Heading down the other side, he decided on impulse to veer right and check out the mysterious Villa Winter [3]. He reached it in a little over half an hour, and enjoyed exploring every room and corner. Moving on, his next stop came five minutes later at the little town of Cofete [4]. He rested here briefly before completing the last fifteen minutes of his hike down to the water's edge on the west coast [5]. After wandering up and down the beach for an hour or so he started the return hike, not exactly retracing his steps but in parallel cross-country until he reached the point where he'd quit the trail in favour of the villa. Having passed the sign in the car park at 11:15am, he arrived back at 5:45pm after an excellent leisurely day's hike. For completeness, he walked for a further quarter of an hour down to the east coast at Playa de las Coloradas, thereby making it a true coast to coast effort.

  5. Costa Calma - Degollada de Mojones - Playa de Sotavento - Playa de Esquinzo   [appr. 22km]

    As on Hike II, the day started with a bus north from Jandía to the El Palmeral shopping centre at Costa Calma [A]. Phespirit charted a similar route in the direction of the west coast cliffs, arriving on the hour. Back-tracking about 200m to the last track he'd crossed, he then headed southwest across the dunes following the line of the coast. The track divides after about an hour, but before joining the spur that would lead him east Phespirit continued on to the top of the last dune hill overlooking the rest of the majestic southwest coast [B]. After admiring the views, he set off towards the southeast, joining a gravel road after half an hour. He stayed with it for just fifteen minutes before ditching it in favour of a dry riverbed that took him beneath the main north-south FV2 road (ten minutes) and all the way down to the east coast [C] (a further twenty-five minutes). He emerged on the beach near the surfboarders' "Pro Center" beyond the southern end of Playa de Sotavento. From here, Phespirit continued south along the coast and arrived back at his hotel [H] an hour and a half later.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a good local map when setting out on these walks; Phespirit accepts no responsibility if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or assailed by Barbary Ground Squirrels.

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