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Phespirit goes to Germany
Cologne     August 2010


Map of Germany

1 Cologne

Phespirit stayed at Rhein-Hotel St. Martin, in room number 26, for the duration of his stay in Cologne. It is not a five-star hotel but its location is surely second to none - on the west bank of the Rhine in the centre of the city, just a five minute walk from the cathedral and railway station. Perfect.

Despite there being enough in the city for four days of sightseeing he found everything to be within walking distance. His only use of public transport was a cable car ride across the river.

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2 Bedburg

The 'Werwolf-Wanderweg' hiking trail starts outside Alt-Kaster and heads north through woodland, up to the edge of a field - Kasterer Höhe - where the alleged werewolf Peter Stubbe was said to have been born and lived. It then heads down again, passing Kasteren lake and follows the river Erft to Bedburg. There it passes the city hall and the castle - Schloß Bedburg - where Stubbe was tortured and sentenced to death. Finally the trail turns north again, all the way back to Alt-Kaster.

The legend is more remarkable than the territory it now covers but Phespirit still enjoyed a healthy three-hour walk in the country.

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3 Wuppertal

Having been thwarted by maintenance work in his craving to travel on Wuppertal's magnificent suspension monorail, Phespirit had to content himself with more mundane meanderings.

Shanks Pony was his mode of transport as he looked around the municipal sub-divisions of Elberfeld, Nordstadt and Briller Viertel. A replacement bus shuttled him further along the line, to and from Barmen.

The sights did not really justify a day's effort - it's just an ordinary city with extraordinary transport - but there was no harm in it.

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4 Bonn

Despite being a venerable old city that once served as the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, there's not much here to thrill an outsider. There's a presentable cathedral, a pleasant university area, and a bunch of museums, but nothing that's not done better in other German cities.

Yet Phespirit was in luck .....

Bonn's Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany (or 'Bundeskunsthalle') was hosting an exhibition of Afghanistan's 'Surviving Treasures'. Absolutely magnificent. Gold galore. Superb ancient craftsmanship. Worth the trip all on its own.

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  1. Cologne
  2. Bedburg
  3. Wuppertal
  4. Bonn
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Cologne Bedburg Wuppertal Bonn