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Phespirit goes to Gran Canaria
Maspalomas     November 2010


Map of Gran Canaria

1 Maspalomas

Phespirit whiled away his days in Maspalomas either down on the beach or at his resort. When the sun dipped below the horizon he wandered north to the Faro 2 shopping centre to get a bite to eat.

Faro 2 has the feel of a failed venture, as at least half of its shops and restaurants are now closed. Some good ones survive, though. Phespirit's favourite was 'El Nublo'. Here the food was inexpensive but prepared with pride, and the half-litre bottles of house red were of better than average quality. Best of all were the complementary tapas before each meal, and the huge glass of honey rum with ice that came with the bill. Recommended!

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2 Las Palmas

There were three sites that Phespirit specifically wanted to see in Las Palmas ..... and then anything else would be a bonus.

So after arriving in the capital by bus, Phespirit wasted no time in visiting the Casa Museo de Colón, Catedral de Santa Ana, and El Museo Canario. In the absence of any further focus, however, the visit tailed off and he was soon on the bus heading south again.

El Museo Canario is the pick of the bunch for anyone in need of a cultural moment away from sun, sea and sand.

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3 Arucas

The only reason for visiting Arucas is to appreciate its wonderfully incongruous Gothic church. At least, that was Phespirit's opinion before he called in at the Arehucas Rum Factory.

Phespirit likes the Arehucas Rum Factory. Here extensive tasting is possible from a broad range of unlikely spirits. Phespirit tucked into 12 year-old mature rum, honey rum, chocolate cream liqueur, caramel cream liqueur, banana cream liqueur, Bienmesabe cream liqueur (eggs, almonds and honey), milk cream liqueur (cinnamon and lemon) and orange vodka.

He strongly recommends the honey rum, and gives the chocolate cream liqueur a mention in dispatches. That's as far as he recalls.

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4 Firgas

In the very heart of Firgas, on Paseo de Gran Canaria, a 30m-high water cascade has been laid out with tiled benches alongside and relief models of the seven main Canary Islands in tiles further up.

All very nice but if truth be told Phespirit only called in here as the road to his actual destination - Teror - was blocked.

Phespirit suspects Teror would have had a bit more going for it.

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5 La Cumbre

The rugged interior of Gran Canaria looked like perfect territory for hiking but sadly that's all Phespirit has time to do: look.

At la Cumbre - 'the summit' - he paused long enough to enjoy the pleasing views of Roque Nublo, Roque Bentayga and even across to the peak of Mount Teide on Tenerife.

Alas, all too remote.

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  1. Maspalomas
  2. Las Palmas
  3. Arucas
  4. Firgas
  5. La Cumbre
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